Our Value Proposition

CogWin encompasses highly qualified resources that are uniquely equipped with multidisciplinary knowledge, cutting edge technology, disciplined processes, rigorous framework, and regulated by its unique culture.

The CogWin Alkhawarzmi-Mushera research units has proven record of ground breaking innovations, and collaboration with prestigious research institutions. We can help our customers to optimally innovate business models, technology, frameworks, services, and strategy in a record time, and within affordable cost.

In CogWin innovation is more than just merely a passion, it is vehicle for mining the hidden values of our customers, and unleashing their organizational treasures by traversing multi-dimensional constraints and opportunities using our 10 dimensional Holistic Tradeoff Model (HTM), and our rigorous multidisciplinary approach that is regulated by our Total Customer Services Strategy.

Our solution delivery is a voyage via which we traverse compellingly nonlinear complexities to orchestrate a solution that surpasses customer excitement.

The failure of most software projects are attributed due to pitfalls in managing the causal relationships of quality attributes such as security, performance, scalability, interoperability, modifiability … etc. Consequently, from its inception, CogWin has adopted Software Engineering Institute (SEI) standards for Architectural Centric Approaches such as ADD, ATAM, ARID, CBAM, V&B.

Our HTM coupled with our unique Artificial Mental Imagery technology significantly stimulates the creativity of our customers to analyze the solution spectrum beyond the spatial, temporal, and mental models boundaries. This elevates our customers to disruptively innovate with minimal time, and cost to proactively deal with any competitive diffusion of innovation

The rigorous modeling of the strategic map of any organization enables us to elevate any organization to high excellence and operate on the highest maturity levels.

The support will be rendered by the people who architecture, innovated, and implemented the technology.

Our microscopic root cause analysis techniques deeply investigates atomic mudas (wastes), and sources of variations. This promotes the steep converge to the ultimate goals of lean Six-Sigma, thereby achieving quality far more beyond customers expectations.

We treat information as a core asset of any organization rather than a byproduct, consequently we use 16-dimensional data quality model to regulate, and improve information lifecycle within any organization.

The evolving Knowledge is the greatest organizational asset. Using our knowledge economy frameworks and toolset we preserve the knowledge that can be tampered or lost due to staff turnover, arrival of new employee, and the hyper-dynamics of technology, innovation, and competition.

Since the influx, multidimensionality, heterogonousity, incompleteness, inaccuracy, and inconsistence of information induces negative decision biases, CogWin has devised numerous frameworks, and toolsets to neutralize these biases using optimal decision quality models.

The hallmark of our product and services architecture is modularity. This enables us to deploy our solution incrementally, thereby giving to our customers the flexibility to purchase specific component when they need it, and when they have a budget for it.

The ability of totally tailoring our solution to each customers, leverage the opportunity to enormously save cost from unnecessary efforts. Consequently, our prices are very competitive to the value we deliver, and hence a simple ROI quantitative analysis depicts bewilderingly very efficient savings.