Business Process Management Research Unit (BPMRU)

The BPMRU research is mainly focused on creating a unified framework for Business Process Engineering, and Business Process Management. This unit main research is in enhancing the CogWin Ten Perspective (CTP) model that was created by this research Unit. CTP uses the tradeoff of ten perspectives both for Business Process Engineering and Business Process Management. CTP comprises of Cognitive, Technological, Operational, Quality Program, Financial, Customer, Internal Processes, Organization Knowledge, Organizational Behavior, Cognition, and Risk perspectives.

Consequently, this research unitis concentrated in the following areas:
  •  Using Nash Equilibrium to Optimize CTP tradeoff
  •  Quality Management
  •  Organizational Behavior Re-Engineering
  •  Modeling Cognitive Ergonomics
  •  Technological Dynamics
  •  Strategy Engineering
  •  Organization Knowledge Engineering
  •  Customer Expectation Management
  •  Value Chain Management
  •  Operations Engineering
  •  Business Process Optimization using Markowitz technique
  •  Distributed Multi-Agents for Business Process Optimization
  •  Metrics for BPM Product Lines
  •  Distributed Multi-Agents for Business Process Simulation
  •  Hybrid AI and Queue Simulation Approach
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