Cognition Aided Software Engineering (CASE) Research Unit

This unit was established in 2008 to innovate new types of Software Engineering Frameworks, and Tools that are based on the Cognitive Science of system development activities. The research in the unit is concentrated on how to create a distributed multi-agents that are capable of developing, and maintaining large scale sophisticated software solution.

The current active research projects in this unit are as follows:
  •  Multi-dimensional requirement elicitation model based on Cognitive Visualization
  •  Cognitive Business Process Engineering
  •  Self evolving creativity models using Cognitive Models
  •  Natural Language based Logic Representation
  •  Cognitive challenges in software development
  •  Cognitive ergonomics of Software Engineering
  •  Self-evolving rational agents
  •  Application of Society of Mind in CASE
  •  Application of Game Theory in CASE
  •  Cognitive model alignment with CMMI
  •  Agent based Validation, Verification and Quality Assurance