Our Services

To efficiently assist these organizations, CogWin tailored the cutting edge SEI architectural centric approaches such as Quality Attribute Workshop (QAW). Attribute Driven Design (ADD), Architectural Review for Intermediate Design (ARID), Cost Benefit Analysis Method (CBAM), and Architectural Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM). Furthermore, we have adopted the best of the breed patterns such as Gang of Four, Architectural Patterns, Security patterns, Fault Tolerance Patterns, Software Product Line Patterns, Enterprise Application Integration patterns, and other patterns that were created by our team. In this service we use both the architectural centric approach, and the best patterns to create systems and infrastructural architecture that quenches the requirements of these organizations from various perspectives. This minimizes the risk of systems and infrastructural implementation, and maintenance.

Financial and Regulatory organizations rely on information stored, traversing, and processed via their IT infrastructure to make operational, tactical, and strategic decisions. Consequently, any compromise or anomaly in the quality of this information will inevitably negatively bias these critical business decisions. This leads in to a phenomenon called Garbage in Garbage out (GIGO), where erroneous decisions or activities will be carried out due to imperfect, outdated, erroneous, and inconsistent information. To handle this, CogWin has created this service that addresses data quality problems from 16 dimensions, i.e. Accuracy, Objectivity, Believability, Reputation, Accessibility, Security, Relevancy, Value-Added, Timeliness, Completeness, Amount of Information, Interpretability, Ease of Understanding, Concise Representation, and Consistent Representation.

This service uses rigorous frameworks such as Data Quality Analysis Workshop, Information Quality Lifecycle Management, and Information Value Mapping Matrix (IVMM). This enables us to easily pin point the data quality anomalies root causes, and formulate efficient and durable remedies. Furthermore, this service also creates a proactive data quality management framework that is totally tailored to each organization by using our multi-perspective tailoring framework that spans Strategy, Operations, Technology, Ergonomics, Enterprise Risk, Quality, Business Processes, Financial perspective, and Organizational knowledge perspectives

Nowadays, narrowed dimensioned evaluation and appraisal techniques exhibited their failure, and customers are gradually becoming aware that these techniques don’t yield any value for them. This is main attributes due to the fact that this evaluation programs address partial technological constraints, and they don’t use rigorous and plausible methods. To tackle this, CogWin has designed the Holistic Evaluation Services to conduct the appraisal process using rigorous approach that utilizes a multi-perspective approach. The uniqueness of this service is that it analyzes the problem domains and constraints using distinct ten perspective approach that comprises Technology, Ergonomics, Strategy, Risk, Quality Program, Business Processes, Financial Constraints, Organizational knowledge, and Organizational behavior. This comprehensive model, enables not only to easily pinpoint into the root causes, but to help the organization to find the best solution to overcome their long standing problems that impedes their operations, alignment with their strategy, managing their risks, optimizing their business process, managing their quality programs, handling organizational behavior anomalies, and technological fire fighting due to accidental architectures and infrastructural setups. This service not only tackles problems, but adds value by removing non-value adding activities and reallocates resources using lean enterprise approach, and it furnishes the organization to optimize their operations, and promote a pragmatic innovation programs that optimizes customer enticement and satisfaction, elevate their revenue streams, optimize their profitability, boost their strategic sustainability, and minimize long term cost streams.

To leverage organization to implement, and operate their business processes using cutting edge techniques, and technologies, CogWin devised the Managed Business Processes Service (MBPS). This enables these organizations to automate and optimize their business processes with minimal cost, effort, and time. As part of this service, we provide the following sub-services:

  •  Business Process Management and Optimization
  •  Business Processes Quality Management
  •  Business Processes Monitoring, and Improvement
  •  Business Process Implementation
  •  Business Processes Operations Management
  •  Business Processes Innovation that leverages new organizational competencies, and elevate their capabilities to maintain or surpass the competitive edge

Since information security requires unique portfolio of skills, most financial and regulatory organizations are encountering in managing and handling the ever evolving information security tasks. As such, CogWin has created a unique service that enables these organizations to outsource partially or completely their information security tasks. As part of this service, we provide the following sub-services:

  •  Conduct security Code inspection using plausible techniques, and tools.
  •  Create complete security standards for the organization.
  •  Use rigorous architectural techniques to craft a Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) that balances between security and other quality attributes such as performance, scalability, interoperability, portability, maintainability, testability...etc.
  •  Implement the entire DMZ using cutting edge technologies, and techniques.
  •  Using our extensive ISO 27001 implementation experience, and rigorous roadmap, we implement the entire security infrastructure of the organization based on ISO 27001.
  •  Implement the entire application security from authentication, authorization, privacy, data integrity, accountability, non-repudiation, and malleability management perspective.
  •  Real-time Monitoring of the organizational infrastructure security using cutting edge techniques, and technologies. This enables to handle proactively for any security breaches and risks. Conduct an extensive penetration test using multidisciplinary knowledge to enumerate security vulnerabilities, and formulate the optimal remedies.