About Cognitive Windows

Cognitive Windows (CogWin) is a leading I.T. Products, Services, and Frameworks innovation company that was established by a group of I.T. experts to tackle substantial problems triggered by the influx trends of hyper-dynamic in I.T demands, and constraints that were created by specialized R&D vacuum in the region, and problem polymorphic dynamics that inevitably require a significant paradigm shift. Consequently, from its inception, CogWin anchored itself into its eight multidisciplinary R&D units, i.e. Artificial Imagery Research Unit, Legal Systems & Process Research Unit, Business Process Management Research Unit, Financial Systems & Processes Research Unit, Standards & Framework Research Unit, Intelligent Executive Systems Research Units, Healthcare & Environmental Services Research Unit, and Cognitive Aided Software Engineering Research Unit.

Hallmark of our solution

The hallmark of our solution innovation is grounded into our ability to holistically formulate a solution domain from multidimensional perspective using our rigorous and plausible framework called Holistic Tradeoff Model (HTM) that comprises 10 dimensions, i.e. Ergonomics, Strategy, Quality, Risk, Business Processes, Financial, Customer, Organizational Behavior, Organizational Knowledge, and Technology. This enables us to traverse the problem spectrums deeply into the atomicity of their root causes, thereby empowering us to formulate a solution far more beyond customer expectation, substantially eradicates their problems, and implicitly optimize their organizational values and strategic alignment.

Innovation framework

 Likewise, our technological innovation framework is based on an agile Intelligent Software Product Lines (IPLS), that leverage our innovation to create numerous groundbreaking products that encompasses cutting edge techniques and technologies such us, Architectural Centric Approach, Artificial Intelligence, Complex Adaptive Systems, Semantic Web, Ontology Driven Technology, Cognitive Architecture, Biological Inspired Models, Artificial Life, Artificial Entity, Artificial Avatars, Artificial Homeostasis ... etc. Both our Solution, and Technological innovations are consolidated by our pragmatic R&D that produced ground breaking Products, Frameworks, and Models such as

Product, Service, and Framework Innovation Strategy

Using our Product, Service, and Framework innovation strategy we were able to execute successful projects that surpassed customer expectations, and generate great imminent and strategic values that startlingly exited our customers.