Legal Systems and Processes Research Unit (LSPRU)

The CogWin LSPRU research concentration is on the development of legal systems, and creating a dispute resolution framework for any legal dispute that involve Information Technology Systems or Processes.

LSPRU comprises of two research directions, i.e. Legal System Development, and I.T Dispute Resolution Framework.

The Legal Systems Development group concentrates on how to create a legal system that can optimize the accuracy of legal decisions.

This group studies the following aspects:
  •  Legal Knowledge Management
  •  Legal Information Mining
  •  Legal Information Rendering
  •  Ontologies for Legal Systems
  •  The application of Artificial Intelligence Legal Systems
  •  Optimization of Legal Business Process Implementation
  •  Grid Information for Legal Systems

The I.T. Dispute Resolution Framework group research concentration is in the techniques and technologies used to conduct electronic and procedural forensic analysis for disputes that involves information technology. This group is currently editing a framework called "I.T. Dispute Resolution between Software Houses and their Customers". In this framework, complete processes and procedures for Technology, People and Processes evaluation and analysis methods are rigorously specified. This framework was applied by CogWin consultants in resolving legal cases between Software Houses and their customers.

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