Artificial Mental Imagery Research Unit (AMIRU)

The goal of this research unit is to conduct intensive research on modeling intelligent agents that has the ability both to generate and understand mental imageries. Since the artificial mental imagery modeling traverses numerous disciplines, our research group has different backgrounds as follows:

  •  Cognitive Science
  •  Classical Artificial Intelligence
  •  Game Theory
  •  Computer Graphics
  •  Mental Imagery
  •  Computational Linguistics
  •  Queue Theory
  •  Ergonomics and Human Factors
  •  Organizational Behavior & Knowledge Management
In this unit the research is concentrated in to three areas:
  •  Cognitive Visualization in Business Process Management
  •  Cognitive Visualization in Systems Architecture
  •  Cognitive Visualization in Systems and Processes Evaluation

The most active research area in this unit is Cognitive Visualization. Based on the outcome of this research Cognitive Business Process Modeler was created. Cognitive Visualization was a technique invented by CogWin that utilizes artificial intelligence techniques to project mental imagery from formal or natural language descriptions. By externally projecting a mental imagery, we enable all the stakeholders regardless of their background, knowledge, mental state, and goal to interact with the one natural, accurate, consistent, unambiguous, and concise mental imagery.

The benefits of Cognitive Visualization are as follows:
  •  Modeling and inception of mature Processes or Systems with very minimal iteration.
  •  A natural vehicle of communication of diverse stakeholders.
  •  Provide extremely rich information required for high quality decision analysis.
  •  Enables the human agent to traverse simultaneously various dimensions of constraints and alternatives without being bounded by cognitive limitations.
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