About CogWin

Cognitive Windows (CogWin) is a leading I.T. Products, Services, and Frameworks innovation company that was established by a group of I.T. experts to tackle substantial problems triggered by the influx trends of hyper-dynamic in I.T demands, and constraints that were created by specialized R&D vacuum in the region, and problem polymorphic dynamics that inevitably require a significant paradigm shift. Consequently, from its inception, CogWin anchored itself into its eight multidisciplinary R&D units, i.e. Artificial Imagery Research Unit, Legal Systems & Process Research Unit, Business Process Management Research Unit, Financial Systems & Processes Research Unit, Standards & Framework Research Unit, Intelligent Executive Systems Research Units, Healthcare & Environmental Services Research Unit, and Cognitive Aided Software Engineering Research Unit.

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Our Services

To efficiently assist these organizations, CogWin tailored the cutting edge SEI architectural centric approaches such as Quality Attribute Workshop (QAW). Attribute Driven Design (ADD), Architectural Review for Intermediate Design (ARID), Cost Benefit Analysis Method (CBAM), and Architectural Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM).

  •  Finance & Regulatory Systems
  •  Data Quality Management
  •  Holistic Appraisal Services
  •  Business Process Management
  •  Information Security Services
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Our Value Proposition